CSM Coaching

We are at a point where Customer Success Managers are looking for an edge in the role, to go from good to great. Early on in the discipline, it was more about maintaining good healthy, positive relationships with customers, but it has become much more strategic over time. It requires a level of focus that above and beyond what your organization asks of you by default.

Here are some ways in which you as an individual CSM can benefit Tribe Strategy coaching program

  • 3-5 focus areas of your choice that we’ll work on together that will help you –
  • Increase success within your portfolio:
    • Increased in spend (identifying more opportunities for sales)
    • Better engagement
    • Better sentiment via NPS
  • Become recognized as a leader within your organization and on the team as others across the business begin to tout your work
  • Gain more visibility quicker as someone that your leadership undeniably sees as ready for the next level.
  • Improve your skillset for this role and beyond.
  • We’ll teach you about the four principal communication points we’ve identified for a CSM to be successful.
  • We’ll hone in on the 23 different communication growth points for a CSM that we’ve identified.

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