Prevent Churn

CS technology and triggers help CS teams predict risk, but how do you make sure that information is being used powerfully? Eliminate speculation and learn how to:

  • Address unanticipated challenges early and effectively
  • Secure honest constructive feedback
  • Reset unrealistic or mis-matched expectations
  • Communicate bad news in a way that doesn’t turn the customer off
  • Get customers to increase spend more at renewal time

Drive Adoption

What’s the point of investing valuable time with a customer and after several months or a year, the customer is in the same place they started with your solution? We help CS teams:

  • Quickly identify and engage power users (influence vs. title)
  • Successfully secure buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Identify and track priorities relevant to the customer.
  • Move from being a “likeable” CSM, to one that drives measurable success
  • Use Business Reviews to increase ARR vs. just “going through the motions”.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

How can CS teams demonstrate value that resonates with peers and leaders internally and garners unquestionable support? Learn how to communicate internally in a way that:

  • Eliminate confusion about what the CS team does
  • Create win-win situations with other business units
  • Create customer success champions beyond the CS team
  • Move initiatives and projects along faster on behalf of customers without being pushy
  • Create synergistic between CS and Sales

“In a SaaS environment, a successful company strives to keep each customer for life. Therefore, it is based on mutually beneficial long-term relationships and can not be transactional. Thus, there can be no zero-sum games.

Back To School Series: Part 1 of 3 – “Musical Chairs”

Ensure that the tools and systems you have in place aren’t in vain because of poor or misdirected communication across the team. It could cost you millions in ARR. Let’s talk.

“The concept of a strong tribe is built on formidable trust, transparent cooperation, selfless collaboration, and effective communication. Customer success is the discipline of creating and building cohesive, tribe-like cultures amongst your customers and teams. Furthermore, these tenets are important not just in customer success, but in business and in life. That’s what Tribe Strategy represents.”

-Ja’Rod Morris