Hi, I’m Ja’Rod Morris. I’ve worked in some of the most powerful technology companies in the world, alongside some of the brightest people in a variety of environments. Out of college, I was fortunate to land an inside sales role at “Big Blue”, also known as IBM.  As I settled into my role and began to gain a vision for potential career paths. Over the years, I have considered a variety of different futures, sometimes chasing bright shiny objects. It took some trial, error, and life experience, but I’ve found my niche in this world we call Customer Success.

In 2011, I landed my first customer-focused role at Apple, where I dived deeper into the power of the customer experience, Net Promoter Scores, and everything in between. Almost 15 years after first stepping foot inside IBM, I’ve found my niche. In my career, I’ve worked with over 10% of today’s Fortune 100, and in the world of Customer Success, I’ve managed over $25MM in ARR, and a customer has never churned on my watch. A little more on my background in Customer Success:

  • 16+ years in Enterprise technology
  • 8+ years in Customer Success
  • Experience with grassroots, early-stage, tech-touch, and enterprise-level customer success teams
  • Wide exposure to multiple industries and SaaS niches (solution side & client-side)
  • Current Director, Customer Success @ TechSoup Global 
  • Co-Founder of National Black Customer Success Professionals

My passion for customer success has led to the vision of helping growing SaaS CS teams in the often overlooked area of communication. Every nuance and intricacy that goes into powerfully communicating with customers from a customer success perspective – oral, written, verbal, and non-verbal. I get great satisfaction from the conversations with clients and problems that I can help solve.

I look forward to working with you on your Customer Success journey. 

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