The Power Dialogue Series an immersive, communication-based program that richly complements your foundation in Customer Success. Designed by a true trailblazer in the world of Customer Success, Ja’Rod Morris has spent the last 16 years working to understand the nuances of the customer dynamic, matriculating from the fast-paced world of corporate sales to the complex arena of professional services to the accelerating space of Customer Success. With the Power Dialogue series, he takes a fresh approach to teach professionals who want to excel beyond the standard foundations of Customer Success and drive their careers to the top.

Unique benefits of the program include:

  • Customer Success focused – Every component of the program has been created from the ground up, from the lens of a Customer Success professional in the trenches, so you’ll be able to apply strategies to your daily efforts immediately.
  • Build Rapport Faster – Build trust with your customers faster and become the Trusted Advisor that every Customer Success Manager aspires to.
  • CS platform-agnostic – It doesn’t matter if you use Customer Success software or not, the principles you will learn are fluid and independent.
  • Product complexity agnostic – It doesn’t matter if your niche is Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Enterprise, or Consumer-focused.

We are now offering two workshops specially formulated to meet your needs. In the Intermediate Workshop, you will learn a new way to look at your role and your customers. In the Advanced Workshop, you’ll explore some deeper-level concepts to help you execute world-class customer success strategies in any environment. In each session, we cover why it is important to your role, with fact-based evidence to support the content.

These are exclusive sessions, so seating is limited so sign up today to reserve your spot. To view upcoming classes and pricing, click here

This program is proven to give you an edge in the realm of Customer Success, and if not, you get your money back, guaranteed.

At Tribe Strategy, our entire ethos thrives around a passion and a desire to advance the discipline of Customer Success.

-Ja’Rod Morris