Are you a growing Customer Success Professional looking to expand your skill set and gain a CSM Certification simultaneously?

Are you seeking a certification to increase your practical knowledge of the Customer Success discipline while enhancing your marketability? Are you interested in more than an on-demand course with a bunch of materials that leave you feeling more confused than you started? Or maybe you’re looking for the most affordable option available?

But what if you could get something that is in-depth, live, rich with real-world experiences and convenient to your schedule – for the same that you would pay for one of those on-demand courses? If you want to expand your horizons as a CSM with lifelong skills that will grow as you matriculate through your career, you’re in the right place. We aim to provide you with the necessary tools to execute effectively as a CSM at any organization, regardless of subscription type, industry niche, or tech stack.


Our goal is to help you increase your confidence as a Customer Success Manager so that you can go into any customer environment and command the room with executive presence and poise.

You will immediately be able to strengthen your customer relationships so that you move beyond transactional and into a trusted advisor role, increase customer spending and net retention without feeling too salesy, and optimize your market value as a customer success professional so that you can continue to grow and be an asset to your organization now and in the future.

A Certified Half-Day Boot Camp For CSMs

Here’s What You Are Going To Learn Inside This Half-Day Boot Camp:

Increased Adoption & Expansion

Get customers to adopt your solution based on your existing benchmarks while also contributing to your organization’s bottom line through measurable expansion rates.

Higher Renewals With Lower Churn

You’ll discover what it takes to eliminate the risk of losing a client, what you need to do to get higher renewals, and how you can cross-sell (or upsell) other products and services of your company with zero pushback.

Build Healthy, Long-Term Relationships

You’ll learn the dynamics of effective CS communication that will turn your clients into friends and trusted colleagues. So much so that they’ll be an ally throughout your career, even as you grow and get promoted as a Customer Success professional.

More Accounts Managed With Less Time

Learn how to manage an increasingly scaled portfolio of accounts within the constraints of your organization while dedicating time to high-priority accounts.

Boot camps are limited to up to 20 individuals at a time, and you will NOT be watching video recordings or preconfigured modules you need to figure out on your own. Your instructor will be there every step of the way, leading the discussion and allowing for questions and rich dialogue. The ‘Four Anchors’ Boot Camp is all about practice rather than theory.

P.S. After completing the boot camp, you will receive the certificate with a unique number that will allow your employer (or future employer) to verify it.

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At Tribe Strategy, our entire ethos thrives around a passion and a desire to advance the discipline of Customer Success.