CSM Coaching

Are you a growing Customer Success Manager looking to go from good to great?


You’ve come to the right place. To be a world-class CSM, you want to:

  • Increase customer retention, strengthen contact relationships, and execute effectively in a way that seems effortless.
  • Become recognized as a leader within your organization and on your team as others across the business begin to tout your work.
  • Gain more visibility quicker as someone that your leadership undeniably sees as ready for the next level.
  • Improve your skillset for this role and beyond, equipping yourself to go anywhere and do anything at any organization.

Why Coaching?

I’ll admit, coaching isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer classes or self-education, both of which are viable options for growth (check out our new Principles of Customer Success course). Some people prefer in-depth, one-on-one interaction, and today, there just aren’t many options in the customer success space for you to do that. I’ve solved this issue for you.

Who Am I?

My name is Ja’Rod Morris, and I’m the founder of Tribe Strategy. When I started out my career as a Customer Success Manager, there weren’t many resources for Customer Success Professional Development. As I’ve grown in the industry, there are a few available now that will get you on your way, but still not much for those looking for laser-focused, side-by-side development. I’m passionate about helping others develop in this space, and I’ve developed the credentials to do so.

What Would We Cover?

Here’s how we would work together to approach your growth as a CSM. We’ll pick 3-5 focus areas of your choice that we’ll collaborate on that will help you:

  • Increase the overall health of your portfolio:
  • Increased customer spend (identifying more opportunities for sales)
  • Drive better engagement
  • Secure better sentiment via NPS
  • I’ll teach you about the foundational components we’ve identified for a CSM to be successful.

This coaching program is hands-on and personalized, covering every aspect of your day-to-day as a CSM, including, but not limited to:

  • Portfolio planning 
  • Success plan preparation
  • QBR preparation 
  • Renewal planning 
  • Escalation management
  • Professional Development in Customer Success

Get started with coaching today!


  • 2 Sessions per month
  • 2 Emails per week*
  • Session Recording Available


  • 4 Sessions per month
  • 5 Emails per week*
  • Session Recording Available
  • Shared Progress Doc


  • 6 Sessions per month
  • Unlimited emails*
  • Session Recording Available
  • Shared Progress Doc

All memberships rates shown are monthly (For example, the Gold sessions are $599 per month for 3 consecutive months = $1,797), and require a 3-month commitment minimum, and email coaching guarantees a 24 hour response time on all emails.